Smart Sensors

We address the global problem of pollution and climate-change using technology. We are redefining fundamental natural resources like Air, Water and Soil by systematic data acquisition and analytics. We make our environment understandable and predictable; so that, we can take relevant steps to control and reduce pollution.

Airpocalypse is the global challenge in front of most of the urban spaces.
Air-pollution is the biggest source of human body contamination which leads to chronic diseases.

We build advance technology for scalable data acquisition and analytics. our hardware solutions are designed for accurate data acquisition and reliable performance. The solution is capable to monitor all the critical parameters like air-pollution, radiation, noise, odour, weather, and lot more.


Our data-platform visualize & analyse the data and represent it in the most intuitive way. The platform enables data-driven decisions by actionable insights for a positive change. we brings the positive change at policy, infrastructure, planning, regulation and human-behavior levels.