Smart Lighting

LoRa network deployment

Low Power WAN (LPWAN) such as the Long Range WAN(LoRAWAN) is a wireless network is mainly a machine to machine network with emphasis to achieve maximum range at ultra low power consumption and compromise on data transfer size. While other networks that carry voice or video data focus on high bandwidth, the LoRa network is more focused towards IoT devices that regular post/receive data but in very small packet size and limited periodicity.

LoRa smart street light solutions

·         For municipalities

·         For street light operators

·         For LED street light manufacturers

·         For Residential colony facility management companies

·         For parking lots management company

Unique Advantages Of LoRa Street Lights

·         Ultra-low energy consumption that saves up to 60% electricity and pays for itself in less than 4 years

·         Uniquely identifiable and addressable lights for real-time operation on individual lights and detection of faulty lights

·         Easy retro fitting in existing LED street lights to start savings immediately

·         Live monitoring/operation of entire street lighting system over cloud-based software platform

·         Easy to setup and control street lights

Energy Saving Systems

·         Auto dimmer with ambient light sensor

·         Moonlight detection energy saving system

·         Sensor based dim control to detect pedestrians / vehicles passing by

·         Evening/Early morning energy saving system

·         Sensors to detect ground leakage

LED Lamp Life Enhancer System

·         Extends LED life by preventing overheating.

·         Prevent LED failure and LED drier failure by sensing electricity fluctuations

Centrally wireless system for LoRa smart street lights

·         A centralized control system to oprate lights

·         Detect faulty lights in real-time

·         Detect ground-leakage in real-time

·         Detect energy failure

·         Detect light tampering