Cloud Infra Services

Over the years, Information Technology has undergone a dramatic change. With this change, the business ecosystem is shifting towards digitalization which has transformed the expectations of the organizations from their internal information technology systems.

Today, it is a tough task to create an IT infrastructure that is affordable, scalable, and flexible. At Ruyatek, we are committed to addressing IT infrastructure issues effectively by providing the best cloud infrastructure management services through our expert team.

Our cloud services align your IT infrastructure and help in realizing your business goals. Ruyatek team is highly experienced and it employs the latest technologies like cognitive computing and hybrid cloud models that help in building a solution that provides value to your business.

Ruyatek cloud infrastructure as a service offers complete control of your infrastructure and help you in reinventing your business as well as deploying a digital environment for your vital applications. Our cloud computing services include the usage of efficient automation tools, technologies & architectural frameworks that are best suited for building a trustworthy IT infrastructure for you.

Our cloud services make your business more agile and secure and capable of delivering the best experiences to your customers. At Ruyatek, we are committed to offering what you really require for your enterprise.

Why Cloud Services from us?
  • Service Management
  • Automation Platform
  • High Performance
  • Operations Optimization
  • Cost-effective
  • Result-Oriented
  • Unparalleled Domain Expertise
Advantages of Using Cloud Infrastructure
  • It provides users with easy access to any information or data from any place and saves their resources & time.
  • It encrypts the important data of the organization and saves the data from any kind of misuse.
  • The cloud infrastructure services offer continuity to your business without any kind of bottlenecks.
  • It helps in improving the teamwork of your organization as the employees can communicate with each other seamlessly without any physical presence in their office.
Cloud Adoption
  • Adoption and Migration Advisory
  • TCO Analysis
  • Technical design
  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Applications deployment
  • Applications migration
  • Data Migration
Cloud Operations
  • Manage Cloud platforms
  • Automated monitoring
  • Ongoing deployment of workloads
  • Change Management
  • Ongoing Cost optimization
  • Enterprise storage and data management
  • Data archival and backups
  • Service Levels management
Reliability Engineering
  • Capacity planning
  • Scalable systems design
  • Availability, Latency, and Performance engineering
  • System Security
  • Resource cost optimization
  • Emergency response
  • Automation and Dashboards
  • Business Continuity